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Can I buy Herbaliz™ products in a store near me?

Herbaliz products are not sold in stores. When products are put in the commercial distribution system they contain chemical preservatives to assure they can last for long periods in warehouses and on store shelves.

Our products are made without toxic chemicals, which includes preservatives. As a result, the products are made upon order, so as to be fresh for the longest possible time on YOUR shelf.

We understand that it can be inconvenient to buy this way, but believe that the absence of toxic chemicals is worth the trouble. We also offer small sizes to reduce the initial "investment risk".

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Can we sell your products in our store or on our website?

Herbaliz products are not available wholesale, primarily due to the lack of preservatives. Most must be made at or close to the time of purchase and used promptly.

Second is our focus on keeping prices as low as possible for our customers. Retail outlets usually need to double the price at which they buy in order to stay in business. We would have to substantially increase our prices to be in a position to offer such a discount.

Lastly, the internet has allowed products without toxic preservatives to be offered beyond the local area. It removes physical distance as a factor, as well as the freshness issues of the normal commercial distribution system.

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Are Herbaliz™ products certified organic?

Herbaliz™ products are not certified organic. We are too small a company to afford to become certified or have our products certified.

Our labels indicate organic content. When we use the term "organic" we mean it is certified organic (most often USDA or Oregon Tilth), or grown in our own gardens without the use of chemicals.

Some of the products we make contain 100% certified organic ingredients and would definitely qualify (e.g. Frizz Tamer and Hair & Scalp Oil Treatment). Some products contain some certified organic ingredients, but not all (shampoos and cleansers). Not all ingredients are available in organic form, or are eligible to be certified (e.g. some essential oils from wood, distilled water).

We choose certified organic ingredients whenever possible. Occasionally the certified organic version of an ingredient is available but so expensive as to put it out of our grasp. We try to make reasonable decisions, balancing a desire to be organic with a desire to be priced within reach of our pocketbooks and yours.

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What kind of packaging do you use?

For most items we use PET plastic which is recyclable almost everywhere and stands up to essential oils without degrading. We have chosen plastic due to safely issues in the bath and shower, and because it is lighter, less breakable and therefore less expensive to ship.

We have been asked about the use of PET plastic and BPA (Bis-phenol A) and other hormone disrupting chemicals. The research that I have found states that there is no BPA in PET plastic and that PET does not contain plasticizers or orthophthalates.

For an additional charge we can put most non-bath items in glass. Our Rose Lotion is routinely packaged in cobalt glass due to the delicacy and cost of rose oil. We will continue to gradually put more of our products in glass, in response to customer requests.

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Can you send me some samples?

We don't generally provide samples for the asking. Herbaliz products are made fresh by hand. Making a fresh "free" sample of something costs much the same as making 24 ounces of something in terms of labor and packaging. The big companies can do it because machines make 10,000 or 100,000 of each with plenty of preservatives; one batch of their samples can last for years.

What we do is allow people to buy small sizes. I always hated having to buy 12 or 16 ounces of something that then didn't work! For example, shampoo is available in as little as 2 ounces, hair oil in 1 oz. We can provide a sample with orders of $35 or more, but because many products are made on order, we won't always have a particular item available. If we have "extra" anything from a recent batch, samples go out with orders. It never hurts to ask; we just can't guarantee that we'll have what you want.

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When do your products go on sale? How can I get discounts or coupons?

So far we have never had a sale or discounted our products. They are made on order, and don't contain preservatives, so it is not as though there is inventory on the shelves that needs to go.

We do occasionally provide certificates at local events we support, and anyone can buy a gift certificate, but otherwise the box for vouchers or discounts on the shopping cart are only used for shipping credits.

Our focus has been to keep the prices as low as possible for everyone. Prices would have to increase before there would be any room to cut!

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Can I return an item I ordered?

We do not accept returns of products that have been opened/tried/used, unless there is something wrong with the product itself. We offer small sizes and work hard to keep prices reasonable to minimize the investment in untried products, and a sample can be provided with an order over $35.

If there is something wrong with the product, give us a call and we will replace it or make a full refund. We may ask you to return the product (at our expense) so that we can determine what went wrong and how to correct the problem. Unopened, unused products may be returned if purchased in error. Shipping costs for returns must be paid for by the purchaser. Routinely, store credit will be provided. If you prefer a refund, call and we will collect the information necessary to do so. rosemary

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Do you ship to other countries?

International shipping is now limited to Canada. We charge actual shipping fees, just like we do for US orders, plus $2.50 to cover the extra paperwork. In general we find that USPS First Class mail is the most economical. Please note that it is only available for packages weighing less than 4 pounds.

We have added a new option for First Class International orders to Canada that includes prepaid duties and taxes for a flat fee of $7.25. The fee covers all taxes including duties and value added taxes (VAT). The package is delivered directly to your door without delay or any fees due upon delivery.

You can fill the cart, choose your country, and click "add shipping" before making payment, to determine what postage will be. If you decide it's too much, just leave the cart, or reduce its contents.

Sometimes the site's international shipping calculator is just plain wrong. If it is more than $5.00 off the actual cost, we will refund the difference. For differences smaller than $5.00, we will provide a shipping credit. Type your firstnamelastname, all lower case, in the discount box at your next checkout, and any accumulated credit will be applied.

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Why does shipping cost so much?

We prefer not to inflate the prices of our products to cover shipping. That would unfairly charge our local customers, who pay for their own gas (and time) to come pick up the products they order.

We charge actual shipping costs which are determined by the US Postal Service or UPS, and are based on weight and distance. These costs have been rising over the past few years. We have no control over these prices.

The shipping calculator tends to overcharge for large orders. With that in mind we offer a $20.05 flat rate shipping option. We choose the carrier. If you must have it delivered by a particular carrier and still want the $20.05 rate, email immediately and we will do what we can to accommodate you. We also use USPS flat rate and regional rate boxes and will reduce shipping charges accordingly. Click here to learn more about flat rate boxes.

We added USPS First Class for small packages, which should help lower the cost for orders weighing less than one pound.

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Why can't you ship it today or tomorrow?

Herbaliz products do not contain toxic preservatives and so must be made at or close to the time of your purchase. We will make them up as quickly as we can, but slowly enough to assure that they are made properly and with the freshest possible ingredients.

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What is your Privacy Policy?

Herbaliz LLC collects and shares only the information required to process your order. That means we give your credit card information to the bank in order to get paid for the order. We share your shipping address with the USPS or UPS in order to have the order delivered. We will not share, rent, lend or sell your information to anyone else. If you have any other questions please click here to contact us.

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Why does the same product seem a little different each time?

Because we use real plant materials and plants are never exactly the same. They will differ from plant to plant, by location, by year, and by soil conditions. When things are exactly the same, they are usually synthetic. We will, for example, use recently steam distilled organic lavender essential oil every time, but this year's crop of lavender may smell somewhat different from last year's because the weather has been different.

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Why don't you make a hair conditioner?

So far I have been unable to make one that I would use, let alone sell. I won't make or sell a product with toxic chemicals, and the qualities we've come to expect from conditioners these days rely on these chemicals. The moment I've figured out how to do it I'll tell the world! In the meantime I recommend using the Herbaliz Herbal Vinegar Hair Rinse or Frizz Tamer after shampooing and the Herbaliz Hair & Scalp Oil Treatment weekly for conditioning. If you must use a commercial conditioner try to keep it away from your scalp and body. parsley

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Which moisturizer is right for me?

Our customers report the following as a general guide to use by skin type:

Oily Skin: Moisturizing Gel or Moisturizing Lotion or Fine Facial Oil
Normal Skin: Moisturizing Lotion or Fine Facial Oil or Aloe & Shea Moisturizing Lotion
Dry Skin: Aloe & Shea Moisturizing Lotion or Rose Lotion or Moisturizing (Green) Cream
The Rose Lotion appears to work well for everyone, but provides the most dramatic results with dry skin.

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Do you sell anti-aging products?

Yes! Face and body care products without toxic chemicals and that use botanicals (herbs and other plants) are by definition anti-aging. Plants work with the body and promote healthy functioning of the immune system. The healthier you are, the more slowly the signs of aging will appear. Toxic chemicals speed the aging process in the body, even though they may offer a short term appearance of improvement. They strain the immune system and your health. "Eliminating toxins can help slow down the aging process, and retain health in later years" says Gary Null, No More Allergies, p. 164.

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