Why You'll Feel Better

Everything you put on your skin and everything you breathe is absorbed into your body and affects your health.

Most commercial body care products contain toxic chemicals which have negative side effects.
They can build up in the body.
They compromise the immune system, nervous system, endocrine system and hormones, respiratory system, liver and kidney function, and can cause allergic reactions, depression, cancer, and more.


Herbaliz™ uses botanicals, not synthetics.
Organic Botanicals
Organic Vegetable Oils
Steam Distilled Essential Oils
Real Colors
Real Scents

Botanicals have positive side effects.
They boost your immune system and improve your health.
Real scents can enhance mood, improve thinking.
They don't pollute you or the planet.

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More Reasons to Feel Better with Herbaliz™

You'll Use Less - Save $ and Produce Less Trash We don't use fillers or any unnecessary ingredients. When you use less to achieve results, you send less packaging to the landfill and spend less money in the long run. Our products are biodegradable and are derived from renewable botanical resources. You can feel good about that, too!

You'll Know EXACTLY What You're Getting We will tell you specifically what is in each and every product we make. We use the natural organic version of all ingredients whenever possible. When we include an ingredient that is not 100% natural, we'll tell you. We don't use any toxic ingredients, and we believe strongly that you should know exactly what you are putting on your body.

We're Listening Don't see what you want or need? Ask. Each of the products you see listed here began by request. Someone wasn't satisfied with what they had been buying or wanted to try out an idea. We'll listen, ask questions, and if we think we can do it, we'll give it a try.

Natural Scents - Not Synthetic "Natural" Fragrances One of the main causes of allergic reactions to body care products is synthetic fragrance. That's why there are now so many fragrance free products out there. Unfortunately, many of these use even more chemicals to mask the product's scent. The word "natural" actually has little or no legal meaning. Many thoroughly unnatural products sport the term. Lucky for us, herbs, essential oils, tinctures and hydrosols smell wonderful (and can lift the spirits as well).


Vegetable Oils - No Petroleum Products Mineral oil and petrolatum coat the skin, keeping vitamins, herbs or essential oils from being absorbed. This defeats the purpose of adding them! They also keep the skin from breathing, can be drying and don't nourish the skin in any way. We use vegetable, nut, and seed oils which contain nutrients, including vitamins, proteins, fatty acids and antioxidants. They are easily absorbed into the skin and promote the absorption of herbal additions. Where available, we use organic oils, to reduce the likelihood of pesticide and herbicide residues. We prefer cold expeller pressed oils and choose to avoid some popular oils because they are extracted using solvents.

Natural Colors - No Synthetic Colorants Herbaliz™ products are the natural colors created by the ingredients. Having a lavender shampoo be lavender in color is pretty, but the lavender plant doesn't do that. Synthetic colors have been shown to be carcinogenic, and won't help your hair or skin either. Most of our bottles are green; the products inside are the natural colors that are created by the combination of ingredients.

Plant Based Cleansing - No SLS Shampoos, cleansers and soaps can contain some of the most toxic synthetic chemicals. Chemicals like sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) are used to create the suds that we associate with good cleansing. SLS and its cousins can produce dry skin, dandruff, and hair loss. Most SLS used today is derived from petroleum. Our cleansing products won't give you as many suds (just enough), but won't give you any problems either.

No Synthetic Preservatives - No Parabens Conventional body products can last indefinitely because they contain toxic preservatives. Of course they're toxic - their purpose is to kill living organisms that would make the product go bad! If it can last forever, it will- building up in your body. Consider too that we are living organisms, a more complex version of what the preservatives are designed to kill. Fortunately, many essential oils are by nature antibacterial and help preserve our products. Organic cider vinegar and vitamin E also act as preservatives. Herbaliz™ products won't last forever. They will last long enough. And they will not contribute to your toxic load.

Pure Essential Oils Fight Bacteria - No Triclosan Antibacterial soaps use the chemical triclosan to kill the bacteria. Triclosan is registered with the EPA as a pesticide, with high risks to human health and the environment. Are you exposing yourself to a pesticide several times a day? Herbaliz™ uses antibacterial essential oils that have no negative side effects, smell good, and help your body in a variety of ways.

No Toxic Emulsifiers Most products contain emulsifiers, chemicals that keep the products from separating. While this is basically a good idea, many of the chemicals that are used, such as DEA, MEA and TEA are toxic. No, they have not added tea; it is triethanolamine! You'll have to shake some of our products (well, not the lip balm).


You Can Take Your Time After applying Herbaliz™ products to your skin you'll notice that they don't disappear in a matter of seconds. It may take a minute or two for them to be absorbed into the skin. That's because they ARE absorbed into the skin! They don't evaporate into the air. We don't use alcohol or other synthetic ingredients to speed things up. We'd rather let our bodies get the benefits of the products and two minutes of relaxation.

We don't test on animals Herbaliz™ products have the PETA seal of approval, and we obtain certificates from our suppliers to assure that our ingredients have not been animal-tested either.

Herbaliz product claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illnesses. All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only, and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your healthcare professional or physician.

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