Body Care


Herbaliz natural and organic body care products contain ingredients that work for the benefit of your body. They contain no toxic chemicals, no synthetic fragrances and no fillers to make it look like you're getting more. As a result, you can use less to achieve results, save money, and send less packaging to the landfill.

Herbaliz provides you with plant-based skin care products that are made by hand in small batches. Moisturizers containing both oil and water are only made upon your order; they do not contain chemical preservatives.

Abhyanga Massage Oils
Best Body Oil
Fabulous Foot Cream
Foaming Hand Soap
Hand Cream
Infused Oil - Comfrey
Infused Oil - Plantain
Liquid Soap
Moisturizing Lotion
Salt Scrub
Shea Butter
Shower Gel
Tooth Powder