Addressing the Pandemic

Thyme.We have made some changes to keep our customers and ourselves safe and healthy during the pandemic. Here we outline these and our normal practices, so that you can feel confident choosing our products.

We are open for business online and by phone, but will no longer have in-person shop hours. All orders will be shipped or can be picked up from a bin outside the shop.

We follow Good Manufacturing Practices.

  • We wear gloves, mask and hairnet.
  • Work surfaces and product packaging are cleaned with alcohol.
  • Tools and utensils are sterilized.
  • One person at a time in each section (e.g. workshop, shipping, office).
  • Frequent hand washing (we have lots of soap!).
  • Plastic and glass product exteriors are cleaned with alcohol before being placed in bags for shipment.

The part we can't control is shipping, so if you are compromised, you may want to use gloves to unpack your order and dispose of shipping materials.

We've probably left something out of this description, so if you have a concern, don't hesitate to ask us about it.

Please stay safe and well.