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Deannah, Ventura, CA: "I ordered the reduce hair loss shampoo as a first time customer back in February, not only did your amazing, high quality shampoo last me 7 months, my hair has STOPPED FALLING OUT!! I wanted to give my hair time to recoup, and really give you an honest opinion about your shampoo, and well, I am in love!! I am so grateful for you, and your amazing shampoo that has done wonders for my hair."

Debbie A., Woodstock, NY: "You make the best stuff, something magical @ that rose lotion…"

Alecia B., Montgomery AL: "I’m so happy contentment is back! I would love to ship a bottle to every house in the state of Alabama! I think we could all use a little contentment."

Katie K. via Facebook: "I love the shampoo— it hasn’t made my hair greasy at all, and I’m so hopeful it won’t take out extra hair (I’m going through postpartum hair loss). I haven’t noticed a difference in my hair yet with the ACV rinse, but I will keep at it!"

Karen F., Dallas, PA: "I purchased the "relaxing" teas for my 93 year old mother, who still lives at home and loves to take baths. She told me she really enjoyed the aromatherapy aspect of her bath. She truly felt relaxed after soaking in one. And the herbs are so much better for us than all the chemical laden bath bombs on the market today. Thank you for a wonderful product!"

Ursula K., Montgomery, AL: "Love the Healing Salve. Recently playing with my son's cat I got some serious scratches. Put on some of the Healing Salve and in the morning the the swelling was down and the sting gone. Wonderful product."

Janel S., York, PA: "I am a true believer in the Eliminate Dandruff Shampoo & Herbal Vinegar Hair Rinse. I have suffered from embarrassing dandruff and scalp psoriasis off and on for many years. It always gets worse in the dry winter months. In the past, I could usually get some relief in the summer months, but more recently, the problem was continuing year round and responding to nothing. My scalp would itch and be so tender and hurt at the same time. I had tried many different dandruff shampoos including coal tar and even prescription topical steroid formulations. Nothing worked anymore. I might see a slight improvement short term at best. So when I was checking out Herbaliz products & saw you had a natural dandruff shampoo, I was hopeful, but really didn't expect much, but felt good that it did not contain harmful ingredients. Wow! I couldn't believe how well it worked and how fast I saw results. I could feel a difference after just 1 week and within a month, my scalp was completely healed. I have less problems in summer & my scalp feels so good that I am going to sample some of the other available shampoos. It really does work and my hair feels clean. There was an adjustment period maybe 2 weeks to get used to the low suds so to speak & my hair felt a little more oily during this transition, but not anymore. I used the apple cider hair rinse twice a week too. I recommend both, together for faster results. I was, thankfully, surprised at how well the Eliminate Dandruff Shampoo worked for me. Thank you for this product. Please, don't ever discontinue it."

"Surprisingly, I do like the Frizz Tamer oil. I have fine hair that is easily weighed down by heavy products and conditioners and have never been able to put any kind of oil in my hair. The frizz tamer is thick and sticky so I was surprised that it works, but it does. It has become my go to hair product. I really have to be careful not to use too much of it or it will make my hair look oily, and I will need to brush the curls out to get rid of that look. But when I get the right amount, it gives my hair that great looking beach-like wave/curl and no frizz. I apply the smallest amount imaginable of the frizz tamer to my finger tip, spread it evenly across all of my fingertips and apply it to my ends and shorter pieces around face scrunching my hair in my hands as I apply it. I may need to go back to the bottle again for a little more...usually just by rubbing my finger around the inner circle of the bottle opening. I will then scrunch my hair all around my head in the palm of my hands. When I get it right, which is most of the time my hair looks better than it has with any other product used. Even my hairdresser commented on how nice my hair looked. She's never done that before. I would have never tried the frizz tamer without your helpful hint about someone telling you they had success using the smallest amount on their soft, fine hair. I am slowly trying more & more of your products and enjoying them all. Keep up the great work!"

Rossella S., via email: "Just wanted to say I love your face lotion! Keep up the wonderful work!"

Anthony & Patricia O., Anchorage, AK: "We love the shampoo and rinse. Very happy we found you."

Jayne H., Mokena, IL: "I just received the facial cleanser for dry and sensitive skin along with the toner and Woodsy moisturizer for sensitive skin. I can't say enough about these products, they are gentle and my skin feels so soft and clean and wonderful after using them. I absolutely love that they are 100% pure. Amazing how little you need too… Thank you Liz for all your wonderful products!"

Emily C., Snohomish, WA: "Thank you so much! We are loving your shampoo! My hair has almost completely recovered from the trauma of brain surgery!"


Jayne, Mokena, IL: "I am a new customer…absolutely love the Eliminate Dandruff Shampoo and the Vinegar Hair Rinse. It started working immediately and my dandruff problem is just about eliminated after only 3 weeks…and it smells so nice! I use the Hair Rinse as directed and love the way my hair feels afterwards, soft and clean. My husband is now using these 2 products after seeing my results and they are working very well for him too."

"I also purchased the Skin Soothing Shampoo for dogs. My dog has a somewhat severe case of eczema/psoriasis but once I started bathing her with Liz's shampoo her skin began clearing up, and she smells better too. I bathe her often so this gentle but effective shampoo is just what we needed."

"I love the fact that these products are toxin free! I take great measures to decrease our toxic load. Thank you Liz!"

Susan M., Montgomery, AL: About Best Body Oil
"I just want to tell you how much I am enjoying your products. I have extremely dry chapped knees and I've used the body oil ONCE and it's 24 hours later and OMG it like I have new skin!!!! The difference is incredible!! I'm amazed really. I have spent hundreds of dollars on dry skin solutions and never got any results. Thank you so much. Your products are a miracle!"

Sharron D., Waynesville, OH: About the Dandruff Shampoo
"This shampoo really works for my teenage son! Thank you!"

Graciella S., Beverly Hills, CA: "I have been using the Kid's Shampoo on my 4 year old daughter for some time now and it has been great. She had a slight, but stubborn case of cradle cap that we were only able to get rid of when we started using your shampoo. I love the Herbal Vinegar Hair Rinse. Everyone comments on how shiny and silky her hair looks. Am a huge fan of your products in general!"

Jane H., Santa Monica, CA: "I love your skin products - my face feels so good after I use them. I enjoy the fresh scent."

Jill M., Dallas, PA: About Cleansing Grains
"I love it! It's just the right amount of grit and consistency. It was great. It's also easy for me to use...I wet my face and then just dip my wet fingertips in and that pretty much gives me the exact amount I need. I overall really love it! Thanks!"

Jessica D., NY, NY: "I absolutely love my new Herbaliz products! The lotion makes my skin feel softer and look more radiant than before. The Woodsy shampoo smells amazing in the shower." castor

Judy B., Windsor, MA: About Cleanser for Dry & Sensitive Skin
"This is the third day I've used your new cleanser and I LOVE IT! No burning when I put it on and no peeling the next day, which is what usually happens to me."

Dan B., Ft. Wayne, IN: About Moisturizing (Real Green) Cream for Men
"This stuff is fantastic. I have used Oil of Olay for years and thought I'd never give it up. This is better. I love the texture/feel. Absorbs wonderfully."

Nicky T., via email: "Just got the items and tried the Heavy Duty Healing Butter. Absolutely fabulous! Leaves my hands and ankles so soft and smooth, without the oily feeling. Love, love it!! Can't stop keep lathering it over my dry skin... The Lavender and Geranium Shampoo smells so great and natural, but have not used it long enough to see how it works on my hair yet. Looking forward to try the rest of the products! Will definitely recommend it to my friends! Appreciate that the delivery reached early too!"

Eva M., Topanga Canyon, CA: About Herbaliz Shampoo
"Thank you for saving my hair!"

Nancy T., via email: "Hello, back in March, I ordered both of your facial cleansers and both of your facial moisturizing lotions. I ordered small bottles because I have tried other cottage industry natural skin care products in the past and not liked them. I am really, really impressed with your products. What I love about the cleansers is that they are what I call a gel, which is my favorite type of cleanser, and unlike some other natural products I have tried, they do lather or at least give the effect of lathering, which I like. What I like about the moisturizers is they are not greasy, and they are neither too thin nor too thick. They absorb right into my skin just the way I like a moisturizer to do. Since I have normal skin but am getting older, I ordered both to see which one I like best. I really like both of them. I use the normal to oily cleanser and lotion in the am and the normal to dry cleanser and lotion in the pm. Finally, I really like the fact that you offer unscented products. I prefer to scent them myself with essential oils, and was able to do so with your products very effectively. I will definitely be reordering in the future. Thank you!"

Uschi K., Montgomery, Al: About the Rose Lotion  "My face feels like a baby's butt! The skin was soft before, but now feels more taut and smooth and looks a bit less wrinkled. Probably no one else can tell, but I can. :-)" milfoil

Walter J., Madison, WI: "Am totally impressed with your products ... the Unscented Moisturizing Lotion has calmed down my lower legs!"

Katie B., Lafayette, CA: "Thank you Herbaliz! I love buying your products and knowing they will be chemical free and good for my body! Your company really stands out in today's market of toxic cosmetic products. You make products the way they should be made!"

Theresa E. Chicago, IL: "Thank you so much for all your wonderful products. Each winter I order your Green Cream, I love it! I use it on both my kids, myself and sometimes my husband."

Michael C., Atlanta, GA: "The deodorant stone has been the only product I have found so far that limits odor without irritating me skin or creating the feeling of clogged pores."

Alecia B. via Facebook: "Loving the Rosewood & Ginger shampoo! It gave my fine hair a lot of body - thank you!"

Donna D., via Facebook: "If you have not tried Herbaliz products, do so. They are Great!"

Mary M., Orchard Park, NY: "It's dandruff season and your rinse is the only thing that works for my daughter!"

Cheryl B., Floresville, TX: "I can't tell you how pleased I am with your products! I am using the shampoo, the vinegar rinse, the hair and scalp oil treatment and the Frizz Tamer. My scalp has stopped itching and my hair feels great! The Unscented Moisturizing Lotion is great for my face it gets absorbed quickly and doesn't feel greasy. My skin is very sensitive to fragrances and chemicals. I have wasted thousands of dollars over the years on what I believed were "natural" products only to be disappointed. Your products are reasonably priced, and I feel good knowing I'm not pouring toxins all over my body. And I just saved $4.00 on shipping by using the "Those rates are too high" feature! Thanks Liz!"

Joanne S., Vancouver, British Columbia: "Thanks to your shampoo, my hair is so healthy and my scalp doesn't itch anymore!"

Carrie D., via Facebook: "Day 2 of moisturizer and loving the soft feeling as well as the smell. So glad I found you on skin deep!"

Elizabeth D., Mountlake Terrace, WA: "Thank you for creating these products... So far they are doing everything I hoped! Thanks for the descent pricing too! Cheers to using Earth's medicine!"

Lorena M., El Paso, TX: "I really love your hair products; they have done wonders to my hair! I have used several shampoos, the vinegar rinse, and hair oil, and they have made a huge difference:-)"

Amy D., Royersford, PA: "I have to tell you that your Dandruff Shampoo is totally amazing. I have had a problem for 25 years, and this is seriously the only product that has consistently worked!! Also, I love that it is natural because my dermatologist was pushing me to use a prescription shampoo. Thanks!"

Sophie W., Ontario, Canada: "So I finally have a few minutes to give you feedback on the products I ordered last December. First of all, let me tell you something: they are wonderfully fabulous. I ordered the moisturizing lotion (three different kinds) and find them quite hydrating for the skin even with the fluctuating temperatures we're experiencing here in central Canada, at the moment. And they smell delicious, particularly the skin balancing and rosewood/Ginger. I also got your facial cleanser for dry and sensitive skin and love it, of course. Probably my favourite. I am so happy I found you through skin-deep. I had been looking for just the products and there you were."

Katy H., via Facebook: "I absolutely love the facial care products that I ordered from you! My face has never looked better AND I feel good knowing that I'm not using unhealthy and toxic chemicals. You have a new life-long customer!"

Kathryn C., San Francisco, CA: "I love the dandruff shampoo. It works really well!"

Sharon M., Cincinnati, OH: "I just tried your Thieves Blend last night and was pleasantly surprised. I expected it to be rather medicinal smelling but it was delightful. I can't wait to try your other blends. Thanks for such lovely products."

Jaclyn S., Plains, PA: "I am so in love with your products and wanted to take the time to leave you a little feedback! I have had such sensitive, dry, yet acne prone skin for as long as I can remember and have tried everything under the sun. Your products are the only thing that have ever managed to balance it out. Your skin balancing moisturizer has single handedly saved my skin. It moisturizes just enough and without irritating my skin or causing it to break out. My skin stays soft and not at all greasy because of it. I also love the green cream on my eyelids, lips, and occasional dry patches. Sometimes I get these awful dry patches on my neck that I used to need a topical medication for. I don't even need it anymore, thanks to your green cream."

April B., Palmdale, CA: "I saw your products on the cosmetic database and recently got your facial moisturizer. I had been using very expensive Dermilogica products and wanted something affordable that works well without being toxic. I am so happy with your natural product and want to thank you for offering it at an AFFORDABLE price. I will be ordering many more of your products."

Mary M., Orchard Park, NY: "I want to thank you for making such wonderful products. Not only am I allergic to fragrance and a few other chemicals but I have eczema so I was so excited when I found them earlier this year. Your Aloe and Shea lotion, Hand Cream and Heavy Duty Healing Butter are so soothing and my skin has never felt better! Last winter my daughter used your dandruff shampoo and vinegar hair rinse to clear up a nasty case of dandruff -- it was the only thing that worked!"

Andra D., Chelsea VT:
cypress "I just want to say that the Skin Conditioner is a good "patch through" moisturizer for the many hormonal ups, downs, and sideways women may go through. I have always used it in the Summer, when regular moisturizing lotion feels too heavy... and then during my pregnancy, when my face went through a second adolescence! I was glad that I had something on-hand that I knew would do the job and made me smell yummy, to boot."

Barb O, International Falls, MN: "This is my second order - I am so impressed! I cannot believe the change to my face/neck skin texture. Thank you!!! I've been chemical free (mostly anyways) for about a decade and your products are without a doubt the very best I've found - quality, results, cost and commitment."

Bruce G., in Google Checkout Reviews: "Great products and great service."

Kimberly S., via Facebook: About Herbal Clay Mask "This mask is incredible! It really tightens as it dries. You can feel it pulling all the dirt out! You know your skin is clean and refreshed after using the clay mask!! Leaves a beautiful healthy glow!!"

Martine P., Brossard, Quebec, Canada: About Moisturizing Lotion "I like very much the moisturizing lotion, do not have any break-outs or problems with it...so I want to continue using it." evening primrose

Doris K., San Jose, CA: About Baby Shampoo & Wash "I have baby fine hair and I love the way your baby wash and shampoo volumizes my hair! Plus I love the fact that I don't need to use any extra chemicals to add body. Thanks!"

Hal F., Monroe, NY: "I really do enjoy using your products and they are the best I have ever used....especially the Eye Cream !!!!

Joanne S., Downers Grove, IL: "About Moisturizing Lotion -Your Unscented Moisturizing Lotion is perfect for my ultra-sensitive skin. No rough patches this winter, no redness, no greasiness, just nice, soft skin. Glad I found your products."

Diana S., in Google Checkout Reviews: "Great product and company!"

Helen D., in Google Checkout Reviews: "Very good - fast shipping (would be even better if shipping charges were lower), and products work."

Jenny H., Kingston, PA: About Catnip Toys
"The cats LOVED their catnip mice! I got one for my mom's cat "Miss Havisham." Mom said that when she brought her bags of gifts home, Miss H. was sticking her head in the bag the mouse was inside! Stella loves the mouse the best in our house. She's the catnip addict. :)"

John B., Laurel, MD: About Frizz Tamer "I grew my hair out and it really looks so healthy because I have been using the frizz tamer. I get compliments all the time."

Christopher D., Amherst, MA: "I just wanted to let you know that my family loves your products. My wife and I were previously using the Burt's Bees baby wash and shampoo and couldn't figure out why our son was getting rashes. We tried your baby wash for a few days, and haven't had any issues since then. The facial cleanser and shampoos are great as well. Thanks for making such great all-natural products."

Nicole M, Oakton, VA: About Facial Cleanser and Toner "I love your products! I was using Suki for facial care for the last year or two, and in an effort to save some money (her products can be very expensive) I decided to try your facial wash and toner. I found it works BETTER and is more within my budget. Thanks!"

Kathy O., Plains, PA: About Herbal Glycerin Soap "I used the soap last night and my face felt great this a.m. no tightness or dryness - I've found my winter cleansing product!"

Meghan G., Ann Arbor, MI: About Green Cream "I absolutely love your Green Cream. It has soothed, plumped, and restored my finicky skin better than anything else I've tried, ever, in twenty years of looking."

John B., Laurel, MD: About Dream Pillows "One trick I have found with the dream pillows is to use a wire tie instead of the string on the sac that you provide. If i was to reuse the sac it is difficult to untie the thin string once knotted. With the wire tie I just cut it open with scissors and i can reuse the sac."
About Salt Scrub "I run barefoot. To help the bottoms of your feet become strong you need to find a perfect balance. You cannot moisturize too much because that softens the skin and you can not moisturize too little because then the skin dries out and cracks. I use your salt scrub daily on the bottoms of my feet and that seems to work perfectly. I have discovered yet another situation where your product is helping me in the adventure of life."

Jennifer E., Bear Creek, PA: "I cannot say enough fantastic things about the wizard behind Herbaliz ... Liz. She is incredibly approachable and knowledgeable. Liz talked at length with me about my concerns and questions without ever making me feel rushed or silly. She even offered to show me the studio where the "magic happens" when I came to pick up my order. The products I purchased are top notch. They appeal to me as a vegan who is concerned with cruelty free products and as a mom of 3 who cares about what goes on my children and in their environment...they even make my skin look great and my hair (white hair included) manageable and clean without the feeling of most "natural products" that leave a residue or that less than clean feeling. I cannot believe that I was ever able to live without Herbaliz's Cleansing Grains ...they are my personal favorite. Thanks Liz."

Illysia N., Plymouth, MI: About Aloe & Shea Moisturizing Lotion "The Aloe & Shea Moisturizing Lotion is fantastic! It is very rich and creamy, but unlike most heavy duty moisturizers that stay on top of your skin and feel sticky, this one soaks in, so I can get dressed quickly. I have very dry skin and this moisturizes beautifully. The Fresh Herbal is my favorite scent. It's not a fake fragrance added only to make the product smell good; this has essential oils that moisture the skin. The wonderful smell is a bonus. Also, although a lot of products claim to be natural, this one really is. I can actually pronounce every ingredient on the list!"

Lori C., Chesterfield, VA: About Heavy Duty Healing Butter "I am thrilled to have finally found a product that can heal and protect my dry, cracked hands. I have tried sooo many things over the years--from diaper cream to prescription creams full of scary ingredients--to heal my hands. Nothing had given me more than temporary relief until I discovered Herbaliz Heavy Duty Healing Butter. I not only have relief, but actual healing. It's amazing! I recommend it to everyone. It's great to put on my children's scrapes and bug bites, too. I keep one jar in my bathroom and one in my diaper bag so that it's always handy. What an awesome bonus that all of the ingredients are natural and safe! Love it!!!!"

Alex Z., Columbus, Ohio: About Shampoo "I only try to shampoo a few times a week, but there just isn't anything on store shelves that is comparable to its combination of gentleness and effectiveness in cleaning."

Jackie H., Soquel, CA: About Frizz Tamer "I love the frizz tamer. It is very concentrated and lasts for ever. My hair gets frizzy again in a couple hours if I use the commercial products."

Corinne F., West Pittston, PA: About Dream Pillows and Bath Tea "I love my dream pillow. Every night I can't wait until I can lay my head down. I smile and take a big inhale from my great smelling pillow. Its fantastic! I can't get over how well I sleep from it. And about the tea bag bath soaks- after racing triathlons or mountain biking my body was always so sore. If I lay in the tub with my bath tea as soon as possible after racing I wake up with out any pain or soreness and I am ready for more. Thank you!!"

Bharati K., Beaverton, OR: About Herbal Vinegar Hair Rinse "I used the vinegar rinse this morning and I absolutely loved it. My hair has never been this shiny."


Sarah J., Bala Cynwyd, PA: "I am truly enjoying using the products that I ordered from you. The face mist is perhaps my most favorite of all and the mist is so soft and the fragrance just perfect. Thank you so much for the care you have taken in creating your products."

Karen B., Dallas, PA: About Real Green Cream "People have been saying my skin looks radiant..."

Sari B., Marmora, NJ: "The Body Butter certainly came in good time. My hands and arms looked like an eighty-year old woman's skin!! Your butter worked wonders overnight. The Skin Balancing Moisturizing Lotion is fabulous, and I purchased extra for gifts. My husband is also enjoying the Facial Cleanser for Dry & Sensitive Skin. A little goes a long way. Liz, thank you for your help whenever I have questions. Love your passion for healthy skincare!"

Manon R., New York, NY: About Hair Care Products "My friends told me how shiny and healthy my hair looks these days."

Wendy H., N. Miami Beach, FL: About Skin Care Products "I must say that I absolutely adore your cleanser and moisturizer. Before now, I used to think my skin was the problem, but as it turns out, it was all the harsh chemicals I was using. It is very refreshing to find healthy, high-quality and affordable products that work."

Andra D., Washington, VT: About Hair Products "I ordered some of your products in the Spring and I want you to know how pleased I've been with them!!! It's very frustrating trying to find products that are not filled with toxic chemicals, especially since the terms "natural" and "organic" do not mean what they used to. I don't think it should be so difficult to both look and feel good. And I am especially excited about your shampoo and hair rinse -- having lost faith in the big guys (Jason, Avalon Organics, etc.), I was using Dr. Bronner's shampoo and conditioning rinse. I trust the products, but I ended up with "hippie hair" -- dull and dandruffy. Not cool. Maybe it's perfect for other people, but not for me. I LOVE YOUR SHAMPOO ! No hippie hair! Your products leave me clean, toxin-free, yummy-smelling, and empowered! What more can I ask for? Thank you, thank you, thank you."


Aurora F., Chevy Chase, MD: About Moisturizing Lotion "The moisturizing lotion (unscented) is amazing. I tend to have problem with facial seborrhea. My skin has never been as good as it has with this lotion. I am 65 and it has actually seemed to reduce my wrinkles. I use just small dots of it (4-5) on my face. The small amount the 2 oz. bottle dispenser emits is a perfect measure."

Chris S., Shavertown, PA: About Real Green Cream "It's just magic cream and I'm allergic to everything! I work outside, with water, in 10° weather and my hands haven't cracked all winter like they usually do. And I can use it on my face too. It's just like magic."

Kathy W., North Carolina: About Facial Cleanser "I have my niece's husband using the face wash. He just loves the way it makes his face feel, prevents rash from shaving."

Barbara R., Los Angeles, CA: "The bath soak is pure heaven!"

Leeann R., Montgomery, AL: About Lavender & Chamomile Soap "This is the real thing!"

Marjorie S., Pacific Palisades, CA: "I love all your hair products- I no longer have dry hair!"

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