Moisturizing (Real Green) Cream
Moisturizing (Real Green) Cream

A rich, simple cream that can be used for both moisturizing and cleansing (like cold cream). Its green color is provided by the infused herbs that also heal, soothe and result in radiant, younger looking skin. The scent is subtle and clean, provided only by the infused oil.

Green Cream is excellent for alleviating reddened and inflamed skin, to treat broken capillaries and improve elasticity. The herbal oils naturally contain vitamin A (retinol), vitamin B12, protein, and zinc, and are anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial agents. We do not add any additional synthesized or separated versions of these vital ingredients.

This cream is not vegan; it contains beeswax.

By customer request we have added a 4oz glass jar to the available options. If people like this, we'll consider offering it in the 2oz size. If you do choose a larger size, please be sure you can use it up within the 6 month period.

Someone has taken out a trademark on the name Green Cream, so we have to find a new name. Suggestions? Email or Contact Us.