Lost or Missing Packages


It is rare for packages to be lost or missing, but it does occur on occasion. We have found that most people (99.9%) have been able to locate their package by using the following information.

We are both entrusting your order to either the US Postal Service or the United Parcel Service once it has been shipped. What we can do is limited at that point.

Once shipped, we provide you with a tracking number or Delivery Confirmation number via email. If you can't locate the email notice, you can email a request for us to get your tracking/delivery numbers. We keep them on file for 3 months.

Copy and paste the tracking number into the appropriate box at usps.com or ups.com, and press enter. The shipper will then provide you with the status of the package.

If the status indicates that the package hasn't gone anywhere, email us and we'll check in with our local post office or UPS.

If the status indicates that the package has been delivered, but you don't have it, here are some suggestions you can use to locate it.

  • Note the time of delivery. Is that around or near the time your mail is usually delivered? If not, ask the Postmaster why the discrepancy? (Ask your Postmaster, not the mail carrier or a postal clerk.)
  • Was the person that delivered your package your regular mail carrier or a substitute? (You may need to ask the Postmaster, not the postal clerk or carrier.)
  • Ask your neighbors. Sometimes neighbors will get your mail if you are not home. They may have neglected to tell you they have it.
  • Did you tell your mail carrier to put packages in the garage, another building or another place when you are not at home?
  • Stealing Mail is a Federal Offense and is punishable by law. If you suspect your package was stolen by a neighbor, stranger or the mail carrier, contact your Postmaster. (Be sure to talk to the Postmaster, not one of the postal clerks. Clerks are not in charge and may not know the correct procedures.)
  • Fill out the appropriate forms. Get them from the Postmaster for possible theft/rifling. Your mail route should then be closely monitored for inappropriate activity and your mail carrier made accountable for all your mail for several weeks to several months.
  • If your package was to be delivered by UPS you will need to contact the local service center after you have the tracking information for your package. They will be able to help you by contacting the Delivery Driver for your stop to find out where it was delivered.
  • If you had your package sent to your work place, please check with your Mail Room Department. They are under the same obligations as all postal workers and are responsible for the packages that arrive there. Packages delivered to an office building may have been time stamped, so ask them to check their records.
  • If you had a package or letter stolen your neighbors may not be getting their mail or packages either. Consider contacting your neighborhood watch, local Sheriff or Police Department. Stealing Mail is a Federal Offense and is punishable by law.

For Canadian and other International orders

Unfortunately there is no good way for us to track your package once it leaves the United States. Customs may hold your order for up to 30 days before releasing it for delivery.

We suggest you take your tracking number to your local post office and request that they find out when Customs will release it. We have also had a situation in which the package was just sitting at the post office; the customer had never been notified of its arrival.

Otherwise please be patient. Our experience has been that packages usually appear just a few days after customers begin to get nervous.