Deodorant Spray
Deodorant Spray

This mineral salt mist spray deodorant stops odor-causing bacteria before they multiply, providing maximum odor protection. It doesn't mask body odor; it improves the skin's pH level and neutralizes odor-causing bacteria on the skin's surface.

Unscented and non-staining; does not clog pores or stop perspiration. Can be used anywhere on the body; great for feet, intimate areas, skin folds as well as underarms.

  • No aluminum chlorhydrates or zirconium.
  • No parabens or triclosan.
  • No fragrance or essential oils.
  • No animal testing.

Especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin or chemical sensitivities.

This is the same product we've always sold; only the label is new. We still have a few of the 4oz with the old label, but rest assured, no matter the label it is the same product. Now in a 2oz travel size by customer request. And lower prices! Because of your purchases, we now order in larger volume at lower cost and can pass the savings on.