Organic Bar Soap
Organic Bar Soap

A hard, long lasting bar soap for hands, face and body. These are 4oz bars (our previous bath soaps were 3oz), and are USDA Certified Organic. Made with certified organic and sustainably sourced oils, these are traditional bath soaps, that are suitable for sensitive skin. They retain the glycerin from the soap making process, making them milder than many other cold process soaps.

soap varietiesChoose from:

Black Tea Tree A good choice for folks with acne, oily or problem skin, or fungal issues.
Blood Orange Bergamot Fresh clean scent!
Evergreen Invigorating evergreen forest scent. OUT OF STOCK
Gardener's Hand Soap is full of exfoliants to help clean the dirtiest hands.
Orange Smoothie Freshness of oranges and tangerines with a soothing clean touch of lavender.
Pink Grapefruit Fresh happy scent. OUT OF STOCK
Unscented Best for sensitive skin, people with chemical and fragrance sensitivities.