Foot Baths - Ayurvedic
Foot Baths - Ayurvedic

These blends were developed based on Ayurvedic principles, using herbs that are generally available in the U.S. and most of which you may be familiar with. Each tin contains enough of the herb blend for about twelve foot baths. In the picture above, the tin on top is Kapha, then from left to right Vata, Pitta, and Chakra Balancing.

Pacify your dosha or balance your chakras at the same time improving your overall health and well-being. (You don't have to drink tea made from roots and bark to gain their benefits.) Relax and enjoy a foot bath!

Choose from:

  • Pitta Cool and calming, pacifying pitta energies.
  • Kapha Warm and stimulating, pacifying kapha energies.
  • Vata Warm and grounding, pacifying vata.
  • Chakra Balancing Seven spices- one for balancing each of the seven chakras.

If you're not ready to plunge into 12 footbaths of one kind, check out the Ayurvedic Foot Bath Sampler. Not sure which one is best for you? Liz offers an very unofficial guide for those unfamiliar with Ayurveda. Click on the Liz's Notes below.