Infused Oil - Comfrey
Infused Oil - Comfrey

Comfrey oil is a healing oil encouraging regeneration of the skin. It helps exfoliate old and damaged cells while encouraging new skin cells to grow and remain healthy. The allantoin in comfrey helps improve skin's ability to retain moisture, providing a smoothing effect. Use comfrey oil to soften the skin or to prevent or reduce skin irritation. We recommend it for its soothing, softening and protecting qualities which help skin maintain its integrity. It can be used regularly as a moisturizer or to treat problem areas. Not to be used on dirty or open wounds.

infused oils in clear glass

Certified organic sunflower oil has been cold-infused with certified organic comfrey leaves (not the root). The oil and herbs have not been heated or processed. Plant matter is filtered out; that's it. The clear bottle shows what the infused oil actually looks like.

Comfrey oil is available in amber glass or green PET plastic to keep light from degrading the oil. Glass is better for keeping the oil, but it may not suit everyone's situations. 100% of the ingredients are certified organic.

The uproar about comfrey being bad is about internal use of comfrey root in large quantities. This oil is infused with comfrey leaf, which is relatively mild. Don't drink this oil; use it on your skin, and you will find it has positive effects. Learn more about comfrey by clicking on "Ingredients" below.

Cruelty Free and Vegan