What fits in a flat rate box?

If any order with USPS shipping fits in a flat rate box at a lower shipping cost, we will use it and reduce the charge accordingly. A store credit will be provided for the difference.

(This is happening less frequently as of mid-2023 because USPS eliminated Regional rate boxes and changed shipping rates overall.)

Shipping credits can be redeemed by entering your firstnamelastname, all lowercase, in the discount box at your next checkout. If credits have accumulated to an amount greater than $10.00 and you don't redeem them, they will be refunded to you via the payment method you use at your next order. (We used to refund them all, every time, but the transaction fees have increased, making it unworkable. If you really want the refund instead of the credit, send us an email, and we'll do it.)

Our shopping cart can't tell what will or won't fit; it calculates shipping based on accumulated weight. The bigger your order is, the more likely the cart is overcharging for shipping. We do our best to catch all overcharges and adjust them to reflect reality. Being a small operation, we can take the time to notice what's happening during ship preparation.

We offer the option "Those rates are too high" for $20.05 for large orders- which is the cost of shipping a large flat rate box (If you went to the Post Office, it would cost over $22). More often than not, however, we can fit that order into a medium flat rate box, reducing the the charges even further. Until cart software can learn how to pack a box, we'll be making the adjustments for medium flat rate boxes by hand!

A medium flat rate box costs $16.25 to ship, including tracking, and has enough space to hold four 16 ounce bottles of shampoo or liquid soap (at right). Two 32 ounce bottles can fit along with a couple flat items, like soap or bath tea.

Or 10 bars of soap, three bottles and two jars (see below). We'll take more pictures as we pack them. Box dimensions are 11x8.5x5.5. If you're like us, that won't be as helpful as a few more pix...

Why don't we just fix the cart? Turns out the cart will be wrong in either one direction or the other. We have more small orders than large orders plus there are flat rate boxes...so here we are!

Why not offer free or flat shipping? We prefer not to inflate the prices of our products to cover shipping. That would unfairly charge our local customers, who pay for their own gas to come pick up the products they order.

If you're concerned about the shipping on your order, just send us an email or give us a call.