Foaming Hand Soap
Foaming Hand Soap

No synthetic fragrances, no SLS. Made completely from botanical sources. It's the bottle cap that "makes" the foam, not additives. The pump simply mixes the organic soap with air to produce the foam. In the photo you may notice that 8 ounces of soap don't fill the bottle to the top; the bottle is designed larger, to keep the liquid out of the air chamber.

We're generally not fans of spending more on packaging than necessary, but this won us over completely. There are several reasons: First, we use less soap per wash, which fits with our "use less" philosophy. Less soap also means it's more gentle on your hands. Second, the pumps seem to hold up well, so we can provide refills in a simple bottle and get more use out of the container and pump. Third, the bottles are stable and easy to pump with the heel of your hand or even your elbow if your hands are too grimy to use. Fourth (and best?), It's fun and the soap FEELS good! It has a great "slip" which also makes it easy to get full coverage.

  • Antibacterial No triclosan. Antibacterial effects are achieved through a blend of essential oils and the organic soap.
  • Lavender Traditional scent and gently antibacterial properties.
  • Memory Foam Using our Clarity blend, which helps with focus and memory, a glance at the ingredients will tell you that it is strongly antibacterial and cleansing as well. Just couldn't resist the name!
  • Rosemary Invigorating scent with gently antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
  • Woodsy Like the name says.
  • Unscented Just clean. Perfect for the person sensitive to scents or who suffers from MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities). Or maybe you'd like to add your own oils!

Cruelty Free and Vegan