Herbal Bath Tea
Herbal Bath Tea

Choice dried herbs, blended to perfection, packaged in large disposable "tea" bags (convenient and compostable). Just toss the herb-filled tea bag into hot bath water. These soaks bring healthful benefits both through the skin and by breathing in the pure scents. Herbs are certified organic, wildcrafted or cultivated without chemicals.

8 oz by volume; 3 bags per package

No time for a bath? No tub? Bath Teas can all be used as foot baths or steams for positive effects. A basin of hot water and a towel are all you need!

  • Relaxing Perfect for the end of a tough day; or to calm before one begins!
  • Softer Skin Skin softening and healing herbs.
  • Sinus Soothing Filled with herbs that help you breathe easier. This blend can aid respiration when you have a cold or allergies.
  • Back Pain Herbs and salts to soothe the pain.*
  • Sore Tired Muscles Perfect after a workout. Or mowing; or shoveling snow, depending on where you are... Salts and herbs to soothe the ache.*
  • Stimulating Can help you get up and go. After a nice bath of course. Gently stimulates both circulation and the nervous system.

Cruelty Free and Vegan